Electronic Health Records System - Health Information Management

Topic: Proposal for the Implementation of an Electronic Health Records System

A) 12 Slides, not including title and reference slides, and must include appropriate speakerís notes for each slide (what would you say if YOU were actually presenting this to the CEO.

B) More then 3 references.

Imagine that you are the Vice President of Health Information Management for your healthcare facility. For this assignment, you will create a proposal presentation that you will deliver to the CEO to request resources for the implementation of an electronic health records (EHR) system. Your proposal should address each of the following items:

1. A summary of what an EHR includes.

2. The advantages of adopting EHR within the facility.

3. How EHR can be used to increase communication, patient care, and patient safety in the facility.

4. What questions/issues need to be a part of the initial investigation of the selection and implementation of the EHR system.

5. How you plan to address and overcome potential resistance to the implementation of EHR with the facility staff.

Electronic Health Records System - Health Information Management

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