Business proposal - Executive Summary, vision and mission statement

I need a business proposal to submit for a class, so I have attached some documents that I have already submitted to my Professor, however now I need to put it all together.

Please revise my business proposal, vision and mission statement to make it sound a little better, but please keep the gist of what I wrote. My business plan must include: Executive Summary, vision statement, mission statement, target market, S.W.O.T(strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), management & organization (I attached an excel service line (virtual mentorship program), request for funding and a financial plan.

Each section doesn't have to be that long, but informative. I dont know if I should add a company description and marketing & sales. Let me know. I also want a table of contents included.

It can be in any order you think makes sense. Please let me know if I left anything out that should be included in a business proposal. You can make up any information that makes sense.

I want 5 pages of information and one page of table of contents. If you think that my business plan doesn't require certain sections let me know, I dont mind making any adjustments taking suggestions. Please reach out if these instructions are not clear.

Business proposal - Executive Summary, vision and mission statement

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