Childhood Anecdote (Section 502) - Writing Assignment 3

Writing Assignment 3: Childhood Anecdote (Section 502)

Part 1 Text: An anecdote

         Think about something interesting that really happened to you when you were a small child. For example:

o   When you got lost.

o   When you did something naughty.

o   When one of your siblings had an accident of some sort.

         Write the story of what happened to you.

         Try and use a variety of different verb phrases you use and their subjects. 

         Make sure you answer the 5 Ws & H questions (Who, when, where, what, why and how)

         Write between 200 and 250 words.

Part 2 Grammatical Analysis

         Choose 10 Verb Phrases from your story.

         Identify as many different tenses and aspects as you can.

         Make a list and then identify the time and aspect. (Use your Verb Phrase chart to help you).

Example:   1.         went (past / simple) 2.         used to be (past / modal + infinitive) 3.         had been playing (past / perfect / progressive)  

Assessment Criteria

         You will be graded on the following:

Part 1 Anecdote

         Content - Interesting and relevant to the task (20%).

         Clarity and Communicative Effect (20%)  Clarity of message, Ease of reading and understanding (20%).

         Grammatical Accuracy - Accuracy of grammar including punctuation (20%).

Part 2 Grammatical Analysis

         Task Achievement - Number and variety of phrases  or structures (20%).

         Grammatical Analysis of your verb phrases - Labelling and analysis of phrases or structures (20%).

        Draft Deadline: Monday 23rd March 11pm (Please email this to me at Michael.bowles@zu.ac.ae if you want some feedback).

         Final Submission Deadline: Wednesday 25th March 11pm (Upload to Blackboard).

Childhood Anecdote (Section 502) - Writing Assignment 3

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