Cash flows - United Principal Life Greenwood recommendation

Here are the questions for the case study due on Tuesday.You need to make the recommendation that you believe Greenwood should make to United Principal Life. Build up to that recommendation by completing the following steps:1.

Construct the promised cash flows to directly lending $5.8 million in commercial mortgages using the information contained in Exhibit 6. Estimate the expected return on direct lending.

2. Construct the promised cash flows from an investment in each of the five principal receiving bonds. Disregard the X bond.

3. Qualitatively discuss the benefits and costs of making direct mortgage investments rather than an investment in the D-bond of this particular CMBS deal. As part of this discussion, you should consider the relative expected rates of return for the two investment strategies.

4. Review the underwriting of each of the six loans in the CMBS deal. Based on your review of the loan documentation, which loan(s) in the CMBS deal cause you the most concern about future potential losses? Why?

5. Based on your analysis in Question 4, identify an adverse economic scenario that you believe is most likely to cause at least one of the CMBS loans to default. The scenario should outline the economic reason/event that would lead to a borrower being unable to satisfy its debs service requirements.

Assign a probability to this scenario, calculate the expected return to the affected loan, and calculate the expected cash flows to the D-bond. (You can use coronavirus for this question.)

6. Determine the expected return you would require if purchasing the D-bond. Using that return expectation, calculate the face value you would expect to acquire with your $5.8 million purchase. That is, at what price (relative to par) would you need to acquire the D-bond to prefer the D-bond over direct mortgage investment.

Cash flows - United Principal Life Greenwood recommendation

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