Reforms in the Catholic church - Through the outcry of theologians

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"Calls to reform the Catholic church were being made since the early stages of the Renaissance.

Yet, it was in the early sixteenth century that it had enough momentum through the outcry of theologians such as Martin Luther and John Calvin to cause a European-wide Reformation.

Although the Reformation originated as a spiritual and theological movement, it quickly adapted a political component. How did politics impact the Reformation? Do you believe the Reformation would have spread as wide and become so influential if it were not for the involvement of the various political authorities? "

This is the book
Mckay, J. P. (2015). Understanding Western Society (2nd ed.). Vol. 1. Bedford St. Martins
This is the assigmend readings. You will find the answers of the essay based of this reading:

“Why did the church come under increasing criticism?” (pp. 326-330)
“What were the central beliefs of Protestant reformers?” (pp. 378-387)
“How did politics shape the course of the Reformation?” (pp. 388-391)
“How did Protestantism spread beyond German-speaking lands?” (pp. 392-397)

“What reforms did the Catholic Church make?” (pp. 398-401)
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Reforms in the Catholic church - Through the outcry of theologians

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