Blunders in documenting discipline - Importance of documenting

For this module’s SLP, we will focus on the importance of documenting in writing the process of discipline steps taken in an employee situation. Read the following article:Segal, J. (2014).

Legal trends: Blunders in documenting discipline. HR Magazine. Retrieved from https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/hr-magazine/pages/1014-disciplinary-documentation.aspxPut yourself in the role of an HR Manager advising line supervisors on how to document any disciplinary action given by the supervisor.

From the 10 common disciplinary documentation mistakes set forth in the Segal (2014) article, choose 5 that you think are the most important to focus on.

Your goal is to provide line supervisors with specific right and wrong examples of each of the 5 documentation mistakes you have chosen.

Draw upon the background readings on progressive discipline to support your “right approach” to Progressive Discipline documentation and explain in your presentation how this “right approach” should guide the supervisors.References:

HR Specialist. (2016). Supervisors’ guide to progressive discipline. Employment Law. 46(10), 3. Available in the Trident Online Library.

HR Specialist. (2017, May). Patience makes discipline bullet-proof. Minnesota Employment Law, 10(5), 1-2. .

Available in the Trident Online Library.Lessack, S. (2015). 4 Principles for creating a progressive discipline system that works. New York Employment Law, 10 (3), 4. Available in the Trident Online Library.

Blunders in documenting discipline - Importance of documenting

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