Responsible management -Photo symbolizing responsible management

Portfolio (1500 Words) T2 Week 9

Questions for the portfolio:

Q1: "What does ‘responsible management’ mean to you? Take a photo symbolising an aspect of ‘responsible management’ and write a short abstract (maximum 200 words) about why this photo symbolises responsible management in your view. (no need to provide any references)"

Q2: "Illustrate the 'ETL' process, using a dataset that was not analysed before."

Q3: "Use one supervised and one unsupervised approach to analyse a dataset of your choice."

Q4: "Visualise the results from your analysis (for both supervised and unsupervised approaches) in an appropriate way. Justify your choices."

Assessment criteria for the portfolio:

 Marks will be given based on four criteria which have an equal weight:

·   Clarity: Clear description of terms, well-presented discussion demonstrating understanding (25%)

·   Relevance: Answering the question set and linking the key principles (25%)

·   Research: Evidence of background reading, charts, diagrams (25%)

·   Academic and business writing:Appropriate referencing, structure and organisation of the portfolio (25%)

Responsible management -Photo symbolizing responsible management

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