Postmodernism Post modern feminist - Social constructivism

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Postmodernism Post modern feminist
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Discussion and study questions:

1. Discuss some of the criticisms of feminist theories. How do these criticisms compare to criticisms of the other theories of IR?

2. Discuss the affects of postmodernism and critical theory in the debate over IR theories? In your opinion, why are these theories so infrequently brought up when countries enter conflicts?

3. What does Wendt mean by the phrase “social structures”? Why is it central to understanding his theory?

4. According to Tickner, why does a feminist perspective on international relations continue to remain outside the mainstream of traditional approaches to IR theory? How would a feminist analysis of global terrorism differ from that of a realist?

5. Which “system” is Enloe referring to in her book The Big Push? Is it realistic to think that such a system can be overcome after being such a big part of human history? Why or why not?

6. What do make of the RT video Her War: Women vs. ISIS? Does this film in any way undermine the feminist IR thesis? Or does it strengthen it?

7. Why does Truthout’s Ahn suggest that women be a part of the peace deal in the Koreas? Would following her advice expedite peace on the Korean peninsula? Why or why not?

8. What are your thoughts and opinions concerning the film the Unknown Known? Who seems to have the upper hand in the film – Morris or Rumsfeld and why?

Genest. Conflict and Cooperation, Chapter 5, pp. 257-370.
The Unknown Known.

Postmodernism Post modern feminist - Social constructivism

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