Person with disabilities - Products in enhancing occupational performance

This is an assignment for the Occupational Therapy Program.

Find 5 useful and FREE Assistive Technology resources for the following populations:
1) Blind
2) Low Vision
3) Cognitive Limitations (eg TBI, early stage Dementia, etc)
4) Deaf/Hearing Impaired
5) Hand/UE limitations usage
6) No Hand Use

which is atotal of 30 resources! Refer to the grading rubric! Identify and provide the links/websites (in the untied states, new york area), provide detailed explanations of those sites along with a minimum of 2 photos from each site/resource explaining the purpose of those sites and the populations that are targeted for the use of their information.

Secondly, a written paper report will be submitted with the above information and a brief overview of how those products/resources can enhance occupational performance and foster participation and well-being for the person with disabilities and/or their family members.

If site provides products, detailed summary of products, why they are necessary for targeted population, benefits for targeted population to use; identifies areas of OT Practice that these products help consumer become more ind.

How does product/products enhance well being for consumer.

Explanations: Details include history of site; various tabs explained with summation of information found under those tabs; provides information about any funding sources, expenses research links; detailed explanation why this information is important for target population; why good site for clinician to know about Occupational Performance:

If site is resources, detailed explanation of how these resources can benefit the targeted consumer; explanation of how the pt. education is presented for ease of use and why that is important for that population.

Person with disabilities - Products in enhancing occupational performance

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