Supply chain management department - Non-profit government sector


I work at a clinic in the supply chain management department of a non-profit government sector, and I want to make new department policies

I want you to make an update and paraphrase of the following policies as in the attachment

1-Handling Expired And Near Expired Items

2-Material Management

3-Purchase Request And Purchase Order

4- Warehouse Policy

I also ask you to add what can be added to the following two policies and ideas and tools to enhance the quality of work policies

-For integrity

-Planning and support

Please update the first four policies by adding or modifying what is mentioned in the policy provisions

For policies

5- integrity

6-Planning and support

*And combine all the policies arranged in one file so that they are arranged and presented with the addition of designs to the competent department in an elegant manner.

*If there are any other policies that should be present and important in this work, please let me know

If you want any information, do not hesitate to ask me.

Thank you.

Supply chain management department - Non-profit government sector

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