How the story appeals to the sense - Creative writing assignment

This creative writing assignment is meant to involve you in focusing on story structure, depicted in the diagrams we’ve been studying: The Story Arc, Aristotle’s Unified Plot Structure, and Freytag’s Triangle.

The assignment also asks you to pay particular attention to incorporating details that appeal to the senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. You do not have to appeal to all of these senses, if they don’t “fit,” but you must appeal to at least three and do so intensely.

You will write a flash fiction piece—flash fiction is what you wrote for Creative Writing 1. In our case, it is a short, concise story of no more than 500 words. Every word counts. You’ll want to start your story right in the middle of action because you don’t have the word count to develop a lot of background.

• Story Structure (Plot development):
The story has momentum: the protagonist’s goal runs into obstacles; story moves towards a climax, after which action falls and then reaches an outcome, resolution, catastrophe, tragedy, or epiphany.

• Sensory Details:
The story appeals to the senses in a dramatic way. Use sensory details to build the setting and characters.

Make sure to include the senses ! And use this website to help you write a story http://letswriteashortstory.com/short-story-ideas/

How the story appeals to the sense - Creative writing assignment

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