Aviation business strategy plans and application to airline success

Learning Outcome 1:       Assess the linkages between industry trends and strategic opportunities for aviation development.

Learning Outcome 2:       Evaluate aviation business strategy plans and their application to airline success.

Individual Report

Please select any 01 topic of your choice:

Option 01

You have been appointed as the Director of Aviation Strategy and Planning for a new low-cost airline in the Gulf & Middle East region which is privately held and is planning to start operations in Dubai, UAE

You have been asked by the Board of Directors to submit a report on the corporate strategy for the airline to enable its strategic business goals and objectives in the region.

·        Your report should outline the strategic opportunities for aviation market development for this new low-cost airline.

·        How could you enable success by applying innovative strategies in a congested market?

·        How this airline could benefit from Dubai’s market opportunities and open skies policies? and

·        What will be the future impact and contribution of this airline for the aviation industry and how will it impact the aviation market in the region?

Option 02

You have been appointed as the Management Consultant for Air India – India’s National Airline and are required to submit a report to the Government on the key aviation trends & challenges of Government policies with regards to privatization keeping into consideration the existing losses, debt burden, slots, assets and liabilities etc. of Air India.

·        Outline key market developments like aviation liberalization, globalization, and the benefits and disadvantages privatization for the Government of India.

·        Your report should outline the rationalization for privatization highlighting the key challenges and opportunities for Air India determining the linkages between industry trends and strategic opportunities for the concerned Government.

·        It should outline how privatization could potentially contribute to airline success and what could be some pitfalls?

·        Outline national and international opportunities for Air India’s privatization from which the Government can benefit from?

·        Outline how privatization could impact the future of Air India and the aviation market in India?


While writing the report, you will need to consider the following:

1.     The objective of the final assignment is for you to use materials covered in the lecture along with your reference reading to create a business report on one of the topics of your choice as outlined above.

2.     The two options as highlighted are open and you can choose a city or country which is of interest to you in both the options.

3.     This assignment should be completed independently (i.e. each student must submit an original plan). While more than one student may choose the same business, each student must submit a substantially different finished product, showing evidence of independent work.

4.     These assignments should be written in the style of a report, 8 - 10 pages in length at minimum, double spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri font, size 12 with 1 inch margins. They must include a cover page with student name and student number.

5.     You are encouraged to use your knowledge of the aviation business and strategy management to create an assignment that is uniquely tailored to the options as outlined in the choices. The list as outline in Point No 9 is of topics which must be included in the report, but students may include other sections as well. Please expand, elaborate, and create new sections and analysis where you see fit.

6.     Report should not exceed 3500 words. You are encouraged to include image and diagrams to assist in your explanation. For supporting material, you can use an appendix.

7.     While there is no specific grade for referencing, solid academic research is a necessary component of any report and you are expected to include at least 6-7 academic references in your report. Your paper will not be graded if your information is not appropriately sourced using the CU referencing style. 


8.     All papers MUST be submitted on the date of the exam, via turn it in.com on the Moodle

9.     Required Sections:

1) Cover Page

2) Table of Contents

3) Executive Summary

4) Brief Description of the Market & Business

5) Key Aviation Industry Trends

6) Strategic Opportunities for aviation business development

7) Challenges & Opportunities

8) National / International aviation policy recommendations

9) Future impact on aviation business

10) Government perspective

11) Conclusion & Recommendations

12) Appendix / References

Marking Scheme (/100)

S No Marking Scheme Maximum Marks Available
1 Executive Summary and structures table of contents: following guidelines and appropriately written including all necessary components of the report 10
2 Brief Description of the Market & Business relevant to the case for the report and Key Aviation Industry Trends 15
3 Strategic opportunities for aviation business development with challenges and opportunities outlined. The analysis (are you able to utilize the technique to systematically analyze your business, concentrating on both internal and external factors) 20
4 National / International aviation policy recommendations 10
5 Future impact on aviation business 10
6 Government perspective 05
7 Conclusion & Recommendations - have you drawn appropriate conclusions and provided recommendations for your business to utilize your findings?  In this section you should discuss how the analyses undertaken can now be used to improve cost effectiveness and the attainment of competitive advantage 15
8 Report format, breadth and depth of research, referencing, layout, grammar, referencing, precision, Turnitin similarity etc     10
9 Personal learning experience 05
10 Total 100

Aviation business strategy plans and application to airline success

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