Watch, analyse relevant ages interview videos - Highlight child’s responses

You are to analyse two children interviews video, 1.Mila 5 years old and 2. Oliver 7 years old, record interview data, analyse the data and prepare a follow up lesson.

(please also look at the interviews questions when you analyse the video interviews, check the uploaded document”sena1 and sena2 to find the relative questions)- pretend you are the preson who ask children’s questions)

- Link for the video: https://we.tl/t-aB2sozUbcy please go through within 7days as Files deleted in 7 days.For the personal privacy reason please don’t share these videos with any of others.

You are to: (please use the upload template to finish this paper)
Part1: watch and analyse the relevant ages interview videos, Take notes using the field notes template. (see uploaded documents “Templates” P2 and P4) -around 100 words

-Your notes should highlight child’s responses, the language used,
your probing questions, body language, use of manipulatives, the
times in which the child self-corrected or paused

• -Include the assessment interview recording sheet with your notes Part2: reflecting on the child’s responses (500 words in total, 250 words per child) (see uploaded documents “Templates” P3 and P5”)
Write a report, using the uploaded template, about each child’s mathematical understanding.

• -Imagine you are writing a report for the child’s teacher.
• -Use technical terms like “conservation of number” or “forward
counting sequences”
• -Include notes taken during the interview
• -Make links to the Early Years Learning Framework and or the NSW
NESA mathematics curriculum (please see in the upload documents)Part3: creating a teaching activity/lesson (see uploaded documents “Templates” – the lesson template and lesson sequence P6-7)

Use necessary references to support your ideas, such as why you choose this teaching strategies- Select one child from the interviewed video to plan a follow up lesson. Go to NSW NESA mathematics syllabus find the relevant learning area you what to focus on.

Imagine there are a group of students (approximately 8) that are at the same level as your selected child. You are planning a follow up lesson for the 8 students in light of the data you have collected.

- Write a clear and informed rationale for the lesson, which justifies and 250 explains the planning decisions you made with reference to specific words responses by the students’ during the interview. (around 250 words)

- Using the insights you gained from the interview data design a teaching activity/lesson for the group that is intended to address (1) the misconceptions that the child demonstrated; (2) a partially-constructed idea that the students made known to you, OR (3) the learning activity might focus on extending the students’ understanding.

(around 1250 words)
Please check the marking rubric carefully to achieve the outcomes.
Please post any questions if my instruction is not clear.

Watch, analyse relevant ages interview videos - Highlight child’s responses

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