Pilot and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 - Hudson River landing

Due Week 11 The pilot and crew of USAirways Flight 1549 brought the crippled plane down safely on the Hudson River in January 2009 and evacuated all occupants without loss of life.

Write a cause-and-effect essay in which you use your own ideas, ideas drawn from interviews with crew and survivors, and ideas from Amanda Ripley?s The Unthinkable to explain WHY crew and passengers were able to perform so effectively in a terrifying situation.

To support your explanation, use quoted, paraphrased and summarized material from The Unthinkable and from trans?r?pts of the 60 Minutes videos you watched about Flight 1549.

Each supporting paragraph must quoted material from the book and the trans?r?pts (the more the better). Although Ripley does not cover this particular incident, she covers many catastrophes similar to it.

An essay that is not substantially supported by ideas from Ripley?s book will not satisfy the assignment! Finally, you must supply in-text citations when you quote, paraphrase, or summarize from your sources.

Ripley?s book and all 60 Minutes videos or trans?r?pts must be listed on an MLA-compliant Works Cited page. Correct documentation is an important component and must be handled carefully and correctly.

Getting your in-text citations and Works Cited page right will take work, but neglecting this component will have a significant impact on your essay grade! The Unit 3 Writing Guides will focus on integrating source material and citing it correctly.

Pilot and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 - Hudson River landing

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