Campaign mode - Advertisement Agency; Extra Credit Assignment

Extra Credit Assignment


Based on the requirements below create an ER diagram and map it to a relational (logical) schema.

Please use standard letter size paper and utilize both sides of the paper: one for ER diagram and the other for logical/relational schema.  Scan it (or take a picture) and upload it to Sakai Assignments Extra Credit, before the deadline (March 29th 11:59 pm central time).  No late submissions will be accepted.  This assignment is worth 10 points.


The database for the Advertisement Agency should capture data about the following:

         For each Campaign: a unique CampaignID, CampaignName, a start date, and a duration of the campaign

         For each Campaign Manager: a unique CampaignMgrID and CampaignMgrName

         For each Campaign Mode: a unique ModeID, Media, and Range

         Each campaign is managed by exactly one campaign manager.

Each campaign manager manages at least one campaign, but can manage more than one.

         Each campaign uses at least one campaign mode, but can use more than one.

A campaign mode can be used by multiple campaigns, but it does not have to be used by any.

Campaign mode - Advertisement Agency; Extra Credit Assignment

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