Stereotype threat and the various mis-attributions outlined in the module

What was it like to engage in reading and discussion about Stereotype threat and the various mis-attributions outlined in the module.

What does it like to share your wisdom about this with someone else?

How it influence you? How it influence your week?

Have you been looking at things differently or doing things differently in any way? If yes, how so?

In looking at your top 10 values list, what were your top 3 values? Share with your partner about why you chose to place each value, first, second, and third at the top of your rank list?

How do your heartfelt values relate to positive life experiences you have had in relation to this program?

Please think of a recent experience (ideally within the past few weeks) where you felt like you were at your absolute best; when your actions were consistent with one (or more) of the top values on your list, as well as with some of this programís most salient insights.

Take a moment to locate such experience, prior to sharing.- What was/were the related value/s? Share on this experience of being and feeling at your values-congruent best, and express your feelings as you talk about this experience.

- What have you learned about issues of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination of others?

How has it influenced your worldview and passion to engage the world with heroism?

How will it influence your day-to-day behaviors?

Do you think there is any chance this could change something in your life?

If yes, please now describe three things you believe you will do differently in life from now on in terms of how you will relate to yourself and/or others.

- If you were to choose to embrace the perspective of everyday heroism and the principles outlined for a full year, what do you believe your life might look like a year from now?

How do you imagine this influencing people around you? Would you be happy with such a life?

Please use your own words. Thank you!Comments from Customer
Hi, Can you please answer them in brief because I donít need it to be long, 1 page is enough for me.

Some of value: kindness, patience, fairness, growth, friendships, fun, happiness.

I copy partial reading material below.
Thank you!

Stereotype threat and the various mis-attributions outlined in the module

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