Analytical Report (SFAR) on the UNITED STATES - Political or Defense or Economic

2 pages (1100 words) Single spaced Type of paper:
Report (any type)/Brief report Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)Discipline:
Political science Title:

Write Short Form Analytical Report (SFAR)– Political or Defense or Economic Updates –Sample Provided Sources to be cited:
10Paper format:
Chicago / Turabian Paper instructions:
CLO 4: Produce appropriate persuasive reports which incorporate an executive summary and (supporting tables and figures)

Write a Short Form Analytical Report (SFAR) on the UNITED STATES focusing on an issue of your choice. Choose a specific issue that is manageable and realistic for you to write about in 1-2 pages. Focus!
See the format/example attached(=SFAR report on Qadhafi troops) for the sections you need to cover: use the same format and sections. Your report must include a table, figure or infographic.

Can be scheduled, spontaneous or ad hoc
Less than a full-blown analysis (LFAR)
Should be estimative in nature
Should serve to reduce the level of uncertainty on an issue   
important to the reader/decisionmaker
Most popular report (“one-pager”)

To write SFAR, all available sources can be used:
Finished intelligence products
Historical essays
Academic journal articles
Past and recent classified reports
News articles

SFAR should have 6 main parts:
Executive Summary (using WEPs).Use specific words and Make estimation ( how luckily and unlikely )
Comment ( express your thought as an expert and analysts of the field )
Contact Data ( code name or your real name )
Endnotes/annexes( references of the source you have used )

Should not contain new facts (-> in discussion)
Should not contain estimative judgment (WEPs) -> there is no place to provide facts and analysis here
Should not be a restatement of the BLUF
Should provide insight into the analyst’s thinking on the subject
Uses words like ‘may’, ‘could’, etc (instead of WEPs)
May suggest future research (if you are prepared to do this)

How to start a SFAR?
Clarify your task
Organize your time
Consider your reader(s) / audience
Zero in on your subject –> focus, key questions, key findings
Use prewriting tools
Consider sources & plan research (search & research)
Organize your information & write first draft

What are the available sources on the topic? Maps?
 -> Consult colleagues, contact other agencies, etc.

How could more information be collected?       
Sources: access, reliability, validity?     
Analysis & judgment
Are structured analytical techniques beneficial?   

Questions to consider for your SFAR
• What are the primary strategic goals of the USA in the MENA region?
• What are its resources to achieve those goals?
• In what ways is the USA succeeding in its goals? In what ways is it failing?
• What are the main directions of change? Social, economic, political, military?
• What are the implications for the UAE?
• What should UAE decision-makers be looking for over the next two years?
• What indicators of change would you cite?

Attachment :
1- SFAR format-sample
2-SFAR inspiration for data processing
3-grading rubricComments from Customer
Before u start just tell me the topic because some topic we cant write about it ... thanks

Analytical Report (SFAR) on the UNITED STATES - Political or Defense or Economic

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