Social theories of gender development - Gender development


Assignment is composed of seven (7) essay questions

Assignment is composed of material from the Gender: Psychological Perspectives textbook (Chapters 1 through 8), as well as from weeks 2 & 3 readings in the Taking Sides textbook.

You are required to research and cite at least one outside source per question and must properly cite all references using APA format (APA in text citations and references need to be complete with year included).

You may use your textbook as a cited reference to complete this exam, but if you do, be sure to use an additional outside source. In other words, use a peer-reviewed, reliable source in lieu of, or in addition to, your textbook. Be sure your source is a reliable one. Do not use Wikipedia, ask.com, about.com, or sources that are not considered valid for this course.

- You may not quote material from a source. You must paraphrase and cite appropriately.

- No plagiarism

1.  Contrast quantitative and qualitative research methods.

2.  Discuss the magnitude of the gender-related differences in verbal, quantitative, and spatial performance and the implications of these differences in terms of coursework and careers.

3.  Which of the three social theories of gender development best fits with the research on gender                      development?  

4.  What are the characteristics of individuals who fit into the category of a “third sex” in New Guinea, India, Afghanistan, and among Native American cultures?

5.  How does the process of gender identity development differ for boys and girls?

6.  What situations show, and fail to show, gender-related differences in aggression?

7.  What evidence supports and what fails to support the notion that gender identity is biologically determined?

Social theories of gender development - Gender development

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