History and developments of corona viruses i.e. COVID-19

1. History and developments of corona viruses i.e. MERS, SARS,.. etc.
covering these aspects:
-source of disease
-safety precautions
-global economy
-business effectAfter discussing MERS and SARS, write about COVID-19 corona virus Including:
-the type of hazard
-source of disease
-safety precautions
- deaths
- global economy
-business effect.

2. Compare the reasons of spreading the COVID-19 disease in different countries and their safety precautionary measures including UK, US, China, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. How safety measures are important to control the disease.

-Analyze the hazard and what type of safety measures should be introduced in the industry to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus.
-What kind of safety engineer is responsible to tackle these safety measures(include their background studies and the name of their major), arrangements and hierarchy of the staff.

-What are the personal protective equipment can be developed to avoid any incident from this disease. What methods can be adopt to minimize the risks.

4. What can the benefits involved under insurance schemes. Direct and indirect costs, medical benefits, dependent benefits, funeral benefits etc.

5. What type of industries are affected from this pandemic. Which industries loose their business and few industries gain more business.
-Discuss how safety can improve the business of the companies in future.

6. Summary and conclusion7. References -----------Please follow the reburic below.and please include Photos/flowc
hart/ illustrations

History and developments of corona viruses i.e. COVID-19

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