Research Project - Define research questions and hypotheses to study

The overall goal is to show that you can apply the concepts that we learned in class to actual datasets

The project will focus on following areas: You choose the data set(s) that you want to analyze You define appropriate research questions and hypotheses that you want to study You conduct both numerical and visual descriptive statistics, run hypothesis tests, and select the right statistical method for the data set and the type of variables to answer the research questions/hypotheses Final Project: Starting Points

Data set description and research questions What data will you use? What are the research questions that you are looking at? What are the underlying hypotheses?

Numerical and Graphical Descriptive Statistics Create and summarize various measures of location and variability in order to investigate the research question

Statistical Inference: Which statistical methods will you use to analyze the data? What hypotheses do you consider for your research questions? What do the results for your data tell you with respect to your initial questions?

Regression (optional)

Discussion and Conclusion

Research Project - Define research questions and hypotheses to study

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