Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases - Health Promotion

Health Promotion
Community: Older Adult in Overtown (Miami, Fl)
Nursing Diagnosis: Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as evidence by substantial environmental pollution within the community.

Economics disadvantages, crimes, and poverty,
show six components of health: biology, psychology, environmental, sociocultural, behavioral, health system.Health Promotion 20%This will be an individual assignment.

Each member will develop an evidence-based educational tool to address the needs of their special population, using the format of a brochure/pamphlet and present to cohorts. The brochure content must be an original design with content that addresses the needs of your special population with the language at the health literacy level of your special population.

FYI Word has an educational brochure template. See the Health Literacy power point and videos and power point presentation format. This can be presented in a separate power point presentation or word document. Since we are all transitioning, you may present your brochure in the format that you are most comfortable in doing so, just as long as it is a visual format that can be shared with your cohort..

Make sure to view the health literacy videos to make sure the language is appropriate for your special population and note the reading and comprehension level you are addressing and how the format of your content enhances learning and comprehension You are now the instructor! Your community assessment group will develop health promotion educational material based on the population you are assigned.

The purpose of this group assignment is to encourage students to explore the health promotion needs of the aggregate and to plan and deliver educational materials specifically tailored to the population health needs, socio-economic gaps, educational and cultural barriers.

To prepare for the presentation review the current literature and prepare a written report including the objectives of your teaching project, definition of the key concepts and the rational for your specific teaching/learning strategies.

Prepare a power point presentation or Skit using your literature review findings.Every group must also address how to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching. Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching tool for compliance with health literacy (view the healt literacy power point/video) and discuss findings to the class.

This activity will be conducted during class time. See rubric and guidelines for this assignment in the course documents tab in Blackboard. APA format required.†heath literacypwerpoint.pptx


Health Care and life style

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases - Health Promotion

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