Cross-cultural perspective of tourism - Portfolio explanation

I am taking a cross-cultural perspective of tourism class. The professor wants us to do the portfolio which is an explanation of the book besides some other questions.

Please read the book provided in the pdf attachment. also, follow the instructions of the prompt carefully and dont miss any point.

There are 8 sections in this portfolio and each section has its own amount of pages as it shown in the prompt (doc attachment). in addition, there is some more instructions in BB attachment and the evaluation criteria is attached and should be followed.

This project worth 40% of the total grade, so please be picky with the steps and dont forget any point. dont forget to put some photos and pictures needed for the project.

If there is any paragraph that needs to be cited, please do so and put it in the reference below. please tell me if there is anything missing. Thanks !

Cross-cultural perspective of tourism - Portfolio explanation

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