Vulnerabilities in U.S. national security - Attacks on September 11

 Term Paper

The coordinated terrorist attacks on September 11 exposed several vulnerabilities in U.S. national security. The devastating loss of life and destruction of billions of dollars in critical infrastructure highlighted the need for homeland defense laws, regulations, and policies to meet advancing security threats.

For your term paper, please discuss how public opinion of security changed post September 11. Indicate significant legislation and executive orders that were stood up to address vulnerabilities specifically with the creation of homeland security.

Additionally, please pick one (1) critical infrastructure sector and explain its mission. Elaborate on the role the private sector plays in protecting your chosen critical infrastructure sector. Provide at least two examples.

12 font, Arial or Calibri with 1 margins

8 citations from 4 scholarly sources. Appropriate format (EG: APA, MLA). Wikipedia, Answers.com, or similar sources are unacceptable.

Having access to this book is a plus

Homeland Security: Introduction to Principles and Practice, 3rd edition

ISBN: 9781498749091

16 critical infrastructure sectors may be found here


Vulnerabilities in U.S. national security - Attacks on September 11

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