Designing a Data Base for Mobile-Tech (MT)

Please find the attachment for the chosen company, : MobileTech. I have all phases done, however, I only need the full write up for the whole thing. I have copied things From the sample provided, but I need a Version of my own.

All explanation and description a in the MobileTech.docx must be changed/revised
MobileTech (MT), a local cell phone repair shop, hired you to design a database where they can store data and retrieve information that they need to run their business.

The staff of MT includes Technicians and Customer Support Specialists. Specialists bring customers to the shop and take repair orders. Customers can be individuals or businesses.

MT maintains records of phones (serial number) and repairs made on them and the components that were replaced at each repair event, such as screens or connectors.Additionally, MT wants to keep track of components inventory.

Each component has a unique stock keeping unit (SKU) number. The SKU of each component that was used is recorded. With each SKU, there can be specific item with a serial number or unit number.

That is, MT has aSKU ore iPhone Screens, and within that SKU MT has a unit number for each iPhone Screen in inventory.I will discuss the rest if a suitable writer is found.Comments from Customer
I want to know first if there is a writer or an expert that knows about DATABASES (DBMS) and ERDs
Just put a note for the writer that I only want steps 3,4 and 5 of the (FULL Write Up) done

Designing a Data Base for Mobile-Tech (MT)

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