Businessís role in solving social problems - Challenge project

As such it should be a measure and evidence of what you learned as a result of the course. Keep this in mind as you respond to the guidelines below, so that your final product is a true reflection of your learning.Our broad course objectives were as follows:

Describe and assess businessís role in addressing and solving real, complex, public/social problems and in creating shared value for the public good.
Manage, sequence, coordinate, and facilitate multiple tasks and group members in the completion of the challenge project.
Work as an effective team member to create a sustainable business solution to a complex problem.

Identify important sources of information in researching their chosen problem and resources to identify potential stakeholder interviews.
Empathize with various stakeholders and incorporate stakeholder perspectives into the proposed business solution.

Research, analyze and critique existing approaches to addressing their chosen problem.
Utilize course concepts and tools in the development of a sustainable business proposal to address their chosen problem.

Effectively and appropriately communicate to various audiences the elements of their challenge project.
Utilize ideas, concepts, and tools from previous courses to successfully complete the challenge project.

Connect course concepts and tools to real-world application.
AND...In this course, we have emphasized the skills that employers are looking for:Working with and leading others in teams
Analyzing and assessing problems
Designing and testing business-driven solutions
Executing plans of action
Communicating effectively those solutions
Write about :

What you learned, in particular connecting your analysis of your learning to the course objectives (above)
How have you become a better problem solver?

How are you better equipped to be a problem solver in the future?

Identify specific concepts and tools that have strengthened this ability?

How have you better prepare yourself for what employers are looking for? (as described above)

Your role in your team Ė what you did well and what you learned from working in the team about being an effective team member and leader

Your grade will reflect how well you have synthesized the different aspects of the course - the Challenge Project, in-class activities, assigned readings, readings beyond what was assigned, participation in outside of class activities, with your understanding of the complex nature of wicked problems, how a business might address them, and how you have connected these to the course objectives.

Businessís role in solving social problems - Challenge project

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