New CEO of a Surgical mask company - Press release

Please write a press release using all these elements:
your company is producing surgical masks in Switzerland today. The name of the company is THE MASK. Find a logo that suits this company.

Then, the board of the company has just appointed the new CEO. Please invent a short quote of the CEO about his or her new role and invent also a short bio of him or her. Include both in the press release.

This press release is about what? What is the main piece of news? You chose it! Usually a standard press release is one page long.

Then please follow the template that you can find here attached. It is just an example in French. Your press release is in English and you may have an ironic and funny approach in making this simulation or a serious tone in writing a press release that can be real.

In both cases the structure of your press release will be the following: Logo
Short news in the first paragraph (who, what, when, where, why) and how.
Quote of the CEO
Quote of the President of the board explaining why the new CEO was choses
Short bio of the CEO
Contact details for more information
Boiler plate (last paragraph in smaller caracters with the description of the company). Use your fantasy.Comments from Customer
Discipline: Business writing

New CEO of a Surgical mask company - Press release

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