Macro-economic challenges - Sustainable Solutions

Use textbook: 978-1-60994-993-8 Making Sustainability Work Epstein, Marc J. & Buhovac, Adriana Rejc Edition: 2ND 14 / Berrett-KoehlerInstructions: This is the final phase of your paper.

The first three phases are integrated for flow, readability and the macro-economic challenges regarding sustainability are well researched and presented in a clear and concise manner.

The countries societal and environmental factors have been established and presented in a clear and concise format (any feedback provided by this point from myself/team has been addressed and as needed updates have been made).

The challenges which will be tackled are presented in a summarized format, along with the appropriate implications to economic, social and environmental well being. The final phase provides an in-depth analysis to the economic, social and environmental implications of the proposed solutions.

A short, medium and long-term plan is presented in terms of outcomes as it pertains to the challenges the country is facing, the solutions that are proposed and how it will affect macro-economic variables, budgets, international trade, local and foreign direct investments and competition.

Macro-economic challenges - Sustainable Solutions

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