Young Women and Violence - Using lessons from fairy tales

Module 3—Young Girls, Adolescent Girls and Young Women and Violence
Article: Young Women’s Experiences of Coping with Violence in Intimate Relationships

  1. Consider: Begin this module by thinking about some of the fairy tales that you remember from your childhood. The fairy tales of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White are all examples you might consider. If you are not familiar with any of these fairy tales, you will need to locate and read a few of them. To do this, you can browse the children’s section of a local bookstore, or look at them online, or even purchase them at a neighborhood yard sale. What are some of the central messages in the fairy tales? What do they say to women? What do they say to men? How do the fairy tales see love and romance? In 250-500 words, about two pages, explore these questions.
  2. View: Look at the 10 powerpoint slides that have been prepared together with their accompanying text. Think about the relationship between gender and language. With reference to the lyrics of a rap song, a discussion with your close friend, or an unacceptable phrase used to describe a woman, offer in 250 words, about one page, some new insight about the impact of language on violence against women and make at least one reference to a point raised in the powerpoints (or accompanying notes). Examples from your source are required.
  3. Read: Now it is time to read the assigned article, Young Women’s Experiences of Coping with Violence in Intimate Relationships. As you read it, consider some of the relationships of which you have been a part, or some of the relationships that you have observed in the lives of your friends, or other family members. In what ways do the messages of the fairy tales make it challenging for young women, or women of any age, to leave a relationship that is abusive? With reference to the article, and the story-line of at least one fairy tale, explain (in 250-500 words) some of the challenges facing young women who find themselves in unhealthy, or abusive, dating relationships. What do you see as one of the most difficult messages (or beliefs) for women in abusive relationships to challenge?
  4. Implications: Imagine that your niece or cousin has sought your help. She discloses that her current boyfriend is abusive. Use the reading to help you to craft several points that you would stress as you respond with compassion to her disclosure.
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Young Women and Violence - Using lessons from fairy tales

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