Third-party software, service providers - Organisation data security

Paper instructions:
Most organizations rely on third party software and service providers to help deliver functional computer capabilities. This often includes purchased software, and increasingly, leased computing facilities such as cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, the trend in computing is strongly toward mobile access using a variety of devices and technologies. This exposes an organizationís infrastructure to a far broader audience than it was historically, thereby increasing the number of potential security breach points.

Respond to the following questions:How does an organization ensure that a cloud environment is secure, and what steps should be taken to verify that the organizationís data is not being unnecessarily exposed to unauthorized access?

How should security incidents that involve third party providers be handled?

What exposures do mobile devices create that are unique to the mobile platform? What security measures can address these exposures?

Please make sure write each component of the question out and place your written guidance under that statement.

Third-party software, service providers - Organisation data security

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