Peggy, Jenny's mother and history of breast cancer - Nursing

READ THE FOLLOWING NURSING SITUATION:Recently, I interviewed a woman at a community health center (who I will call Peggy), whose daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25, to learn more about her needs and thoughts about genetic testing. I will call the daughter Jenny. Peggy had a strong family history of breast cancer, her mother and her aunt died of BC, one of her sister’s died of BC, and another sister is now experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer.

Due to the strong family history, the family underwent genetic testing to determine if the family carried the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. When Jenny was diagnosed at age 25, she underwent genetic testing. Jenny’s genetic test came back positive for a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, the gene mutation did run in her family. Jenny blamed her mother for passing on her “bad genes” to her, which caused her to get breast cancer.

Jenny was resentful of her mother for several years during the time that she battled breast cancer. Sadly, Jenny died at age 30 from breast cancer. For most of the interview, Peggy shared stories of her memories of Jenny. It troubled her to know that her daughter blamed her for getting cancer because of her genes and there was nothing that she could do to save her life.

Beyond the genetic information, Peggy shared with me how complicated her life is now because she is raising her daughters two young children as their father is not in their lives. Peggy wore a t-shirt with the picture of her daughter to honor her memory. I asked her what Matters to her the most at this moment, she shared that doing all that she can to be as healthy as possible so that she can be there for her loved ones is what matters the most.

Nursing is learning and connecting to what matters most to the patient and trying to make health care fit his or her needs; the care of the patient affects his or her experience in health, illness, and recovery. Ref. Barry, Gordon, & King (2015). Nursing case studies in caring. Think about your role as a community health nurse in this situation.

Information about Color Genomics Family Testing Programhttps://www.color.com/learn/family-genetic-testing-program (Links to an external site.)PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE DISCUSSION BOARD BY ANSWERING THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS.(1) Discuss what would be an appropriate nursing response to this patient (Peggy) that is grounded in caring?(2) Discuss how you currently use genetics or genetic testing in your nursing practice? Prior to this lecture were you familiar with genetics?

Peggy, Jenny's mother and history of breast cancer - Nursing

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