Prepare a scholarly integrative review - Clinical problem

Choose a clinical problem or issue, with your instructor’s approval, that might be encountered in nursing practice. For this assessment, prepare a scholarly
integrative review of the literature that will support a recommendation for a practice change to solve or improve the identified clinical problem or issue.

To cover the appropriate range of the research, you should search for and retrieve six current and relevant nursing research studies from primary sources that are relevant to your clinical topic of interest (these should be the articles from your annotated bibliography).

Follow the assignment guidelines below to prepare a scholarly integrative review of the research literature you retrieved.your integrative review of the literature should include the following critical elements:

I. Introduction
A. What is the purpose of the integrative review?
B. Clearly articulate the topic of interest, problem statement, and the research question being studied.
C. What variables of interest (such as concepts, target population, setting, interventions, etc.) will be used to guide the review of literature?
D. Discuss the background and significance of the problem to nursing. Be sure to substantiate your claims with specific examples from your research.

II. Literature Search Methods
A. Identify keywords, subject headings, and combinations used in the initial search.
B. Which databases were searched?
C. State the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the sample of research reports. In other words, how did you make decisions to narrow the search and focus the literature review? How was the final sample of research reports determined?

III. Data Analysis and Critical Appraisal
A. Analyze the quality of each study. In other words, is the problem well formulated and the purpose of the study clear? Is the study approach well designed and executed? Does the study demonstrate understanding of related studies? Do the findings advance knowledge?
B. Note each study’s strengths and limitations.
C. Identify gaps in the literature and reflect on why these may exist.
D. Identify similarities and inconsistencies across the studies.

IV. Synthesis, Interpretation and Presentation of Results
A. Develop an evidence table of your results that addresses the following criteria for each study: report citation, design, method, sample, data collection, data analysis, validity, and reliability of the findings. This table should appear in the Appendix of your paper.
B. Identify major trends or patterns in the research reviewed.
C. Can you make generalizations across the studies? Why or why not?
D. What conclusions can you draw? Be sure to use a logical chain of evidence to support them.
E. Provide a scholarly summary of the research reviewed that describes the “state of the science” presented by the research reports.
F. Make practice recommendations based on the research reviewed.
V. Conclusions
A. Identify the limitations of the literature review.
B. Discuss the relevance of the results of your literature review to clinical practice.
C. Discuss implications of the recommended practice change on future nursing practice and research.

VI. Abstract: Include an abstract at the beginning of your paper that summarizes each of the following elements:
A. Aims and objectives
B. Background
C. Methods
D. Results
E. Conclusions
F. Relevance to clinical practice

VII. Appendix: Provide an appendix at the end of your paper that includes the following elements:
G. Search method flow chart
H. The table of evidence that you developed in Step IV.AGuidelines for Submission: Your paper should be a maximum of 12 pages , exclusive of the title page, abstract, references, and appendices. Your paper should be
formatted with one inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman font, and all citations must appear in proper APA format.

I have completed the initial milestones referred to in this project if needed for reference.Comments from Customer
Information should be reviewed in the following order:

Explanation, Milestone One Guideline and Rubric, 1 Milestone One, Milestone Two Guideline and Rubric, 2 Milestone Two, Milestone Three Guideline and Rubric, 3 Milestone three, Milestone four guideline and rubric, 4 milestone four, final project guideline and rubric.the final project is the paper that i need written
I also just added an example. it is a different topic but is a good example

Prepare a scholarly integrative review - Clinical problem

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