Script for dramatic radio commercial - Marketing sales message

Write the script for a 30-second, dramatic radio commercial for a product of your choice. Include a winning marketing sales message that will sell the product.Attach a file (MS Word or Adobe PDF) with the transcript of your radio commercial (exact words) and the details on your primary audience.

Guidelines and Parameters
Use the correct format used in radio copy. Read the copy out loud to see how it sounds. If you are breathless at the end of a long sentence, break it up into two or three short ones.

Read the copy and time yourself, as this should be a 30-second recording.
Use present and active tense. Avoid "might, was, will, may, could" etc.
Avoid uncertain pronouns. Listeners cannot remember pronouns like "he, she, them, they, it or that." It is confusing to know who or what exactly is "he" or "it."

The exception is the pronoun "you" which is recommended for use since it makes the listener get involved.
Use appropriate music, if needed, to relate to the purpose and mood of the commercial.The Second Part of the assignment I will do I just need it the writer to rgive me instructions on how to relate everything to to the second part of the assignment Part II. Recording
Record and present your product in an mp3 file.

You can use Audacity (http://www.audacity.com) or another recording program that allows you to save the audio file in mp3 format on your computer or on your phone.Submit the mp3 file or a link to the file uploaded to the Internet.Comments from Customer
only text, no voice record

Script for dramatic radio commercial - Marketing sales message

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