Classical Zoroastrianism - Kerdir and Mani’s universalism

Between 200 and 600 CE there appears to be a number of personages who
are responsible for the shaping of what we call “Classical

They include Kerdir, the organizer of the Zoroastrian
church; Mani the challenger, who posed a universal outlook to religious
visions of the time; and Mazdak who attempted to mediate between the
strict Zoroastrianism of Kerdir and Mani’s universalism.

Explain the ideas and beliefs of these characters and what did each
preached, based on the two textbooks and the power-point lectures(another textbook is called Rose, Jenny, Zoroastrianism - An Introduction, but it's too large to upload. If you need it for this essay, please tell me how to send it to you.)

Classical Zoroastrianism - Kerdir and Mani’s universalism

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