Windows Power Shell Scripting - Administrative tasks

Windows Power Shell Scripting Final Project You are the network administrator for your organization.A part of your duties is to manage and maintain several network workstations and their related services.To save time and simplify network management, you wish to explore the use of Power Shell scripts.

In this assignment, you will use the concepts provided throughout the Power Shell course to create a sample Power Shell script that can be used to perform three useful administrative tasks.More specifically, you will need to:
A. Analyze the requirements to solve each particular task
B. Design a properly constructed process to perform each task
C. Create a PowerShell script to implement this process
D. Debug and refine this PowerShell script
E. Test and document this PowerShell script

You have the ability to select your own administrative tasks for this assignment. A sample set of tasks that you could use include:
- Audit a series of workstations to ensure that a particular service is running
- Audit a series of workstations to see whether a scheduled task has run
- Generate a list of 'online' and 'offline' workstations within a network.

NOTE: Your final and professionally (Microsoft word) formatted report must be uploaded into Bright space before the deadline time indicated in Bright space. Your report should also include the following elements:
1. Purpose (the purpose of your Power Shell script and why it is useful)
2. Function (the process and tasks that your Power Shell script performs in order)
3. Usage (the usage of your Power Shell script including any options and arguments)
4. Script (a printed copy of the entire script)

Windows Power Shell Scripting - Administrative tasks

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