Health insurance coverage - Affordable Care Act

Having health insurance coverage for yourself and your family is essential, but signing up for it can be very confusing.Click below to access the New York State of Health website which is the enrollment portal for those living in New York State who are applying for health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act.https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov/individual?lang=en#formInstantQuotes Review the website (zip code for Monroe College is 10468)(If you are trying to access the link for the Week 10 homework assignment from outside of the US, you may have gotten a message stating that access was denied.

Within the weekly folder, I've added in a PDF file comparing two insurance plans. If you cannot access the link, use this information to respond to the homework question.)Consider the elements of health literacy that weve discussed in this course. Critique the website and identify and discuss 2 areas that would be challenging for someone with low health literacy to navigate.Compare any two of the health plans presented. Are the explanations sufficient?

Discuss any surprising information you discovered through the process. Do you feel you have been presented with enough information to make an informed decision? What additional information would be helpful?

Your submission should be at least 1.5 full pages in length - do not count headers with name, class and assignment in length and submission should be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.

Health insurance coverage - Affordable Care Act

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