CIA of Security - Applying for college scholarships


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Discussion Essay Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)


Computer science


CIS 425 1.1 Discussion: CIA of Security

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Answer the questions related to a scenario.

Then, in your responses address the following:

What insights do you have about their CIA rankings?Which one of the three key CIA Triad objectives is more important in each example?

What insights do you have about the risk mitigation techniques employed?

You work for a small non-profit whose service to its membership is college

scholarship research and seamless application. The service that you charge your members allows them to have a greater chance of finding and applying for college scholarships. That automated application process is the selling point of why your company exists.

Incomplete or improperly completed applications could mean the difference between your members getting scholarships and missing out completely. Your company is not immune to cyber-attacks despite its small technology footprint and non-profit status.

Based on this information, rank in importance each of the CIA headings and give an explanation as to why you chose each in the order that you did. 

Based on your rating, what risk mitigation techniques might you employ or recommend to best prevent negative events from happening to your company's network. 

If you could ensure that only (1) of the tenants of CIA could be achieved at near 100% levels, which would you choose? Why?

CIA of Security - Applying for college scholarships

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