Programming - Include screenshots for UML diagrams

Class Activity- Chapter 5

Object Oriented Programming

Include screenshots for UML diagrams

1) Explain how dynamic binding of methods in object oriented language works with an example in Java.(10 points)

2) Explain static binding of methods of methods in object oriented language works with an example in Java. (10 points)

3) State the difference between interface and class in Java with example ?(10 points)

4) Explain why multiple interface inheritance in Java doesn’t suffer from same problems of multiple class inheritance in C++? (10 points)

5) Explain why  equals and toString methods are defined in the object class in Java?(10 points)

6) Describe the differences between abstract & concrete classes with an example?(10 points)

7) Explain about constructor & how constructors can be overloaded to support code reuse?(10 points)

7) Install Visual Paradigm & generate the following UML diagrams

1.       Class Diagram (10 points)

2.       Sequence Diagram (10 points)

3.       UseCase Diagram (10 points)

You can generate the UML models for one of the projects below or any other Java project of your choice

Ecommerce Site - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3n4oQctrRw6enBCbUNTUVNWUG8 

                AgileFant - https://github.com/snanda1/ProjectManagementTool  

You can download the .ova image & import it, if you are going to work on Agilefant. This .ova image has agilefant setup already.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3n4oQctrRw6cGdXeGxOdGlKSHM .

 If you want to setup Agilefant application, refer the files from the following location, https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B3n4oQctrRw6RTYwM05kNDJ1WkE 

Installation Visual Paradigm

Download visual paradigm from this link: https://www.visual-paradigm.com/download/

Only for Linux users :-

The downloaded file is “Visual_Paradigm_13_1_20160601_Linux64.sh”.

In terminal navigate to your download folder and execute the following commands:

chmod +x ./Visual_Paradigm_13_1_20160601_Linux64.sh

sudo ./Visual_Paradigm_13_1_20160601_Linux64.sh

The installation wizard would appear.

Use the default settings and finish the installation and run Visual Paradigm.

Use the 30 day trial version.

Using Visual Paradigm

Select Tools à Code -à Reverse Java Code

Right Click JavaRound-trip à Reverse “Java-Roundtrip”à New Class Diagram

Select No

Select Show fully Qualified owner

This generates the class diagram of the entire application

You can generate the class diagram of single class along with its related classes as well. Right Click the specified class and select generate Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram :-

Tools à Code à Instant Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram

Select the source folder of the project. Then click Next. Select the operation for the class for which you need to generate the sequence diagram.

Click Finish

Draw use-case diagram for the application. It cant be generated automatically.

Programming - Include screenshots for UML diagrams

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