Appraising nursing literature - Article writing

Paper instructions: This assignment will allow the student to demonstrate their ability to appraise nursing literature. 

In a 1-2-page paper utilizing APA format, (Excluding title page and references) the student will choose two articles which pertain to their project. The student will answer the following questions regarding the two articles:

1. Does the title of the article provide clarity regarding the article’s content? Why or why not?

2. Is the purpose of the article clearly stated? Explain why.

3. Do you find any of the content in the article confusing? Why? Describe what is confusing and how it can be made more clear.

4. Is the author objective? Do you believe the author is looking at all aspects of the topic?

PICO Question: In older adults, does physical exercise prevent depression better than good quality sleep?

Appraising nursing literature - Article writing

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