Transgender people, difficulties and solutions - Research Paper

Unit 3 Paper Topics for PY 101

Fall 2018, Professor Pirrotta

Remember, these are supposed to be RESEARCH based papers.  If you do not cite outside research in this paper, you will receive a score of 0.

Unit 2 Specific Topics

Choice A: Transgender individuals often have to face many prejudices in their lives.  Write a paper exploring the difficulties faced by transgender people, and ways that they commonly overcome these problems.

CHOICE B:  Your textbook provides information about the psychological, biological and cultural factors that combine to influence our eating behaviors.  Using overeating and obesity as your focus, prepare a paper that explains how all these forces come together to produce overweight individuals. 

CHOICE C: Do you have easy access to any young children between 3 and 12 (your own, younger siblings, work at a pre school/babysitting, etc)?  With permission from their parents, put them through a few of Piaget’s tasks (conservation, object permanence, tests of formal operational logic) and write a report showing exploring which stage they are located in.  Test multiple children, and see how they differ.

CHOICE D: Have you or someone close to you ever been in a moral dilemma?  Apply Kohlberg’s moral stage theory to your problem, laying out what someone at each stage of the theory would decide to do and why.  Do not feel required to reveal your actual decision (whether or not it was the “right” one) or any details that you would find embarrassing.

General topics for ANY unit

1.)     Current events – find a recent (within 6 months) article in the news, describing a specific event (such as a crime that was committed, a human interest piece on a somehow remarkable person, or a comment made by a politician), and explain that event using material from the unit just covered.  Be sure to use as many relevant terms from the chapter(s) as you can, and find an outside source that explains the psychological issues in your paper.

**Please note that this topic asks you to cover a SPECIFIC EVENT.  Do not write about an article explaining a recent psychological finding.  **

2.)    Psychology in your world – many of the topics in this course will relate to your own experiences and observations.  Take information from the current unit and apply it to your life (or your friends/family) and explain in detail how something that you (or your friends/family) do is an example of a specific psychological principle discussed in the recent chapters.  All examples must be distinctly different from the examples used in the book or talked about in class (though if you bring up your own example during class, you may use it on the paper in more detail).  Find outside sources that explain the behavior(s) discussed.  Make sure to cover it in enough depth to really explain the psychological mechanics of the relevant issue. 

Transgender people, difficulties and solutions - Research Paper

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