Dimensions of Wellness - Explain the 8 Dimensions

Wellness Plan Rubric
100 points total

1. Explain the 8 Dimensions of Wellness (in detail – at least 1-2 paragraphs each) (30 pts)a. List out each dimension and give your own explanation of what it means. If you are using any other sources or quoting, make sure you’ve cited correctly or you will lose all points for this section.i. Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental,Emotional, Financial

2. Select your top 5 of 8 dimensions of wellness and complete the following: (50 pts)

a. Create a large-scale goal, as a SMART Goal for each of the five (5) dimensions you’ve selected

b. Explain the resources you have access to, at your college and at home, that can help you reach each of your five (5) goals

c. List & explain your barriers and facilitators, describing if they are risk/protectivefactors as they relate to each of your five (5) goals
8 Dimensions of Wellness (This could be up to 3 pages long)

1. Occupational – each of these with 1-2 paragraphs of writing, in your own words, on thedimension & what it means

2. Social

3. Spiritual

4. Intellectual

5. Physical

6. Environmental

7. Emotional

8. Financial
Some goals can include getting into shape, eating healthier, staying more focused on school, having my financial planning when i get out of school this spring, getting my girlfriend to exercise with me. Less screen time, video games, tv, phone etcPart 3 I'm doing.

Dimensions of Wellness - Explain the 8 Dimensions

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