Principlism framework - Apply one of the four principles

Part 1 one page discussion 2 references First, select one principle from the four in the Principlism framework:
Autonomy Beneficence Justice Non-maleficence Apply one of the four principles to Louisa, Louisa’s parents, Will, Will’s parents, or Nathan in Me Before You. State how you believe this principle applies best to the character(s), citing the literature on principlism.

Then, state whether you believe the principle you chose to address trumps all others in importance; if so, how? If not, why?

Part two 2 pages journal 2 references I have uploaded the book to use as a reference for the book that is required. Reflect on your reading/viewing of Me Before You and this week’s class discussion.

Do you believe that this case would or should have been handled differently if Will was 17, or if Will had a different diagnosis, such as a mental illness?Discuss informed consent as it would apply to Will's case if he had been a minor.

Assignment Criteria
For this assignment to be considered complete, the following criteria must be met:
Your entry should be 1-2 pages in length.Your entry must be formatted with double-spacing and should be in APA format.

Your entry must be saved in a word document (.doc or .docx).Your file must follow this naming convention: last name_first name_journal 2.Important Note: Remember, your journal entries are confidential and only read by your professor.

Principlism framework - Apply one of the four principles

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