Cultural, ethical considerations - WISC-V, WIAT-III, Rorschach

Write a 3-4 page paper that analyzes an instrument (e.g., WISC-V, WIAT-III, Rorschach, TAT, etc.) according to cultural and ethical considerations.

Your paper should include the following:

Define the construct of the assessment measures.

Describe the purposes for Rorschach test can be used.

Discuss the standardization process for the assessment (e.g., standardization sample and norms).

Define validity and the meaning of test scores.

Define reliability and measurement error.

Explain how culture impacts the reliability and validity of the measure. Give specific examples to illustrate your points.

Describe the ethical principles and/or ethical standards that one should consider when using this measure with individuals of varying cultures.

Use at least three outside, scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook.

Format Requirements, Tips, & Resources:

The paper must include a title page formatted in APA style, 3-4 pages of text, and a reference page with the sources referenced in accordance with APA style requirements. References should be cited both in the text, as well as in the reference page. This document outlines expected APA formatting in a 400-level paper.

Organize this paper just like you would organize a good essay: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Review these tips for for writing introductions and body paragraphs.

Developing an outline prior to writing the paper can help you organize your thoughts and material.

All papers must have a thesis statement.

Well-developed paragraphs should be between 3-5 sentences long and contain topic sentences that summarize the main point and content of the paragraph and correspond to the thesis statement.

At any point in the writing process, you are encouraged to reach out to your instructor for guidance, make an appointment to see someone in the Student Success Center, or use Blackboardís Online Tutoring. For additional writing resources, please check the Student Success Centerís Writing Resources.

Once you have finished your paper, you should be able to answer these questions about your writing.

The complete grading rubric is attached.

Cultural, ethical considerations - WISC-V, WIAT-III, Rorschach

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