NetBeans IDE, Java program - Manage employee’s salary

The ultimate goal of this assignment is to illustrate the use of object-oriented concepts of encapsulation, and inheritance to create hierarchies of related classes.

Using NetBeans IDE, write your own Java program to solve a real-life example.  An example of that would be a Law Firm Employee program to manage the employee’s salary, vacation time, and responsibilities.

The program included a super class called Employee and various sub-classes which inherit all of the super class’s behavior and override some methods.  Each type of employee extends the common base class Employee and has methods such as get Vacation Days, get Vacation Form, get Salary, etc..

The achieved program should not be the example mentioned above, nor an example from the class or lab exercises which been already completed.  Your program will consist of 3 distinct parts:

PART I: A Superclass to include the following:

1.      A minimum of 3 attributes with diverse data types defined.

2.      A constructor defined

3.      At least one Set() method defined

4.      At least one Get() method defined

5.      At least one method of calculation defined

6.      At least one method of displaying

PART II: At least one Subclass to include the following:

1.      Attributes that inherit the attributes from the Superclass.

2.      create a new attribute specific for this subclass.

3.      Define a constructor with parameters to initialize the objects.

4.      For the new attribute, define Get() and Set() methods.

5.      A method to override the superclass method of displaying.

6.     A method to override the superclass method of calculation.

PART III:  A program including the main() method.  It should contain the behaviors listed below:

1.      Construct objects from the superclass.

2.      The calculations methods should be called

3.      The displaying methods should be called.

4.      Construct objects from the subclasses

5.      Call the overridden calculation method

6.      Call the displaying methods.

NetBeans IDE, Java program - Manage employee’s salary

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