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What is So Unique About Tedext As A Writing Service Center?

Tedext site was incorporated not just as a writing site, rather as a complementary platform that offers you access to wholesome new writing experience. The goal for the site was guided by the need to offer quality and professional writing services, which is what our writers have been offering since 2013.

From the first projects that our writers did through to around Dec 2015, we considered some of the elements that customers are likely to ask before they give us the chance to work on their projects. We realized that each customers tends to have things they consider unique and which are essential for the whole writing process to be successful and for us to meet any writing requirements that our clients may have.

This approach led us to develop the site to house different categories of projects, sample sections of what our writers had done before, and what they felt capable to deliver. It was also a move meant to allow you have a deeper understanding of who we are and where our capacity to deliver lies.

Most of our writers began with academic writing handling papers such as essays, research, data analysis, and other types of projects. In each of these, they would engage with clients who would introduce them to different topics that pushed their desire to want to be a web and blog writers.To date, majority of them still value academic writing as a learning platform even as they gain more experience and skills to handle other types of works.

What To Expect From Us

  • Unparalleled Writing Service and Research to meed Your Needs
  • Team Work Approach
  • From Scratch Writing Service – You Paper is As Unique as You
  • Guaranteed On Time Delivery

Confession From Our Founding Professional Writer

As a writer and part of the founding team (Dennis Ngugi), working as an academic writer led me to realize other specializations that I had especially in the realm of creative and argumentative writing an area that rarely is given attention in the academic writing domain in comparison to blogs and Website. This twist of my specialization prompted me to champion towards categorizing the different types of services that our site offers. Our Writing Services are as identified below:

  • Professional Research Based Writings
    • Web Content
    • Academic
    • Articles
  • Informative Articles Writings
  • Creative, Argumentative, and Convincing Writing Works
    • Personal, Admission, Application Statements
    • Cover Letters, CV’s and Resume’s
    • Opinionated Writings and Features
    • Descriptive Works