Any Chance that a Member of Your Family was a Witch, a Spirit, or a Jinn Be Careful You Could be one Too


“Any Chance that a Member of Your Family was a Witch, a Spirit, or a Jinn Be Careful You Could be one Too”

The other day, I was in a meeting with a lady who in the course of our discussion engaged me on a dilemma she had about her life.

Our conversation went on like this,

“Dennis, I think all the women in my family are cursed.”

I was curious, “What do you mean cursed?”

She answers, “I think we got like a bad mojo running in my family the kind of mojo that says we cannot be married and if we do, something very terrible happens”

Like a normal person, you would expect me to participate in a conversation to cheer up the other person. You see, I am from the school of thought that says, you have to listen to what someone else has to say cause you never know what they could be going though. There could be a chance you are the ear they need to realize much more of themselves.

I prompted her to give more and she was quite welcoming, and she began.

“A few years back, I met this guy who was quite good, he was all a woman would want, and I felt I could marry him. He was cute, well up, funny and seemed as though he knew what he was doing with his life. He was what one would consider financially stable. We dated for some time, and I was comfortable around him to the extent of moving in with him.”

She continues,

“However, immediately I moved in and somewhat started the idea of formalizing our relationship, things got so thick between us, it’s like he went mad. He went broke and his family chased me from his house saying that I am the cause of his problems. Being the nice person that I thought I was, I felt they just did not like me and they could not accept that life has up and downs. I tried fighting for the relationship, but it seemed like a wrecked ship. The guy got so wacky to the extent we could not make a straight conversation.”

At this point, I feel the need to explain, the woman is not from all those communities that are well known around here to conjure spirits. Matter of fact, I should explain that she even has some outside Africa genes which is why I had to establish if there was a pattern in her line of reasoning.

So I got curious, “have you dated another guy?”

Yes, I have, “The next relationship turned out almost the same way, Only that right before I ended my relationship with the second Guy, I got a chance to meet my first guy and he ran away sort of trying to say am a demon. Asking around, i heard he was back to his feet.”

In my wildest imagination, I had always known that the idea of bad spirits was just a creation made by our grand pa and ma’s just as a way of keeping our world sane with morals. Listening to her, I am arguing with my sanity trying to come to terms with her story.

So I ask, “what about your mum, I mean she had you guys”

She answers,

“That’s the thing, I never got to meet my Dad, and when I look at my Aunties, the story is quite convincing that something weird is going on.”

She goes on to add,

“I told my mum, and she did not act surprised at all. If you ask me, what is going on is like a thing in our family that no one wants to talk about.”

The direction that this conversation was taking was one that any person that scares easily would not want to go through with. So I shrugged her whole idea as an inutile tête-à-tête. She noticed this and challenged me to write something about it.

She asked, “You are a researcher and a writer right, I have just given you a new story that you could write about”

Here is all that i could come up with.

This woman’s story is not unique when you think about the idea of spirits. When I look at all the cultures around the world, I am convinced that writing about it will not be just about her. Matter of fact, I can point out a few posts that have covered this topic on social media, the news and even on YouTube giving reference to what they feel is part of  relates to the idea of spirits.

Some of the feature stories that have been covered are

Is witchcraft alive in Africa? A BBC oriented article that covers the ideas that have been held for the longest time on this idea of witchcraft spirits

A Home Tormented by Genies – This is a post i read of a guy who lived in a house tormented and it got me curious

Mans Genitalia Disappears- How does this even happen, like your front side is literally not there. 

There is he story of this man who stuck with a woman who they were intimate with. Notice its after the Intervention that they separated.

There are many more stories around the world that document strange events occur which are unexplained

The Untold Story of Walpurga Hausmannin: An Infamous German Witch

Horrifying True Stories That Are Just Like The Blair Witch Mythology

I will add the story of Mythology the  10 Scariest Witches Of World Mythology

I even would like to interest you to the conversation and a thought that I once had when I look at all the other cultures around the world. Think this through with me, in the bible, there are all kind of stories, Mosses parted the sea and turned a stick to a snake, Jesus did turn water into wine, and even Israelite marked their doors with blood. All that may sound so normal to Christians especially considering it is the bible, the holy book they rely on, but when you compare it to the African spirituality, these two ideas are not quite farfetched or indifferent. Matter of fact, they all seem to have some similarity that is quite striking and cutting across almost all the cultures.

My Theories

Kindly note that as I write I could not help but create some fictional theories and I hope in all kindness that they do not offend anyone.

The first theory that I came up with is that maybe she is cursed and her whole family. I will say it like I mean it. She gave me the right to say anything after all so am secure.

The second theory is that may be all of us have something that tie’s us as family or as a community and maybe its the bad spirits of this relatedness that are hovering around her

Or may be its all in her head or it’s a crazy family DNA

Theory 1; She Might Be Cursed

The first reasoning that I have of her being cursed comes from a long held idea that yeah old people are bad news. We all know this, even from the bible with the story of Isaac and the brothers (ESAU and JACOB).

Simply put, if you are cursed because you did something like may be seeing your granddad naked, you gotta expect some bad news mojo coming your way. You know like something heavy mojo. Probably one that goes down to your lineage depending of how far angry your grand pops was.

However, when i critically look at this idea, I argue with my thoughts, who would have been so mad in such family to hold some everlasting grudge with all the girls and their life.

Theory Two; There are bad Spirits on Her Case

The second I idea that I hold is one that I can trace to the holy books and most of the community fork lore. That is, we are all connected to everything around us. What I mean is maybe we all have a role to play or the so-called destiny. This is the idea that i highly support about her.

Since the evolution of humans begun, our being has always been characterized by the idea of there being powerful being who all through our life’s history manifested themselves through humans. Even now as we exist, we believe in different supernatural beings who are a part of our world. Over the years, there has been changes in these believes even changing the position of what we regard as the supernatural beings in as far back as the history of civilization dates back. To find out more on the idea of god and spirituality watch the Documentary Mankind: The Story of All of Us. which highlights how people have revered these spirits, god, GOD and other supernatural beliefs. I would liken this to the idea of the Minions on Despicable Me. If you have watched minions, you would understand what it means to find the ultimate only to find there is another one that is the Pinnacle, the Epitome or nonpareil. Simply put, we have as well been changing our beliefs.

In fact, our acceptance of these being could probably have been guided by a specific fashion, not to mean we did not have the God or the Allah or whatever the specific the different religion and societies regard as the eternal being, but over the years it’s like we finding who is the cool God. Either way, where we stand today can be viewed in relation to all the steps that our fore fathers took. In the bible, there were the Levites who were given the role of priesthood and this went on from the start point of the bible all through to the story of john the Baptist. If you are not a Christian bear with me, I have to make sure I bring everyone on board on this one.

In the African setting, I would equate the roles that were similar to those of the Levites to the idea that majority of people do not like to hear the existence of witches, sorcerers, rainmakers and all those that have the power to Conjurer wealth, fight power and all the other ephemeral wants that humans have. Of course, as humans remember there are fake conjurers and the real one, both still hold an important element in this explanation.

The question that i am trying to bring down with all this is that what if her family was one of those people that are known to be in the community of witches where you only marry those you are allowed. You see, if the idea of there being witches is true it would mean that the spirit of witches do not leave a certain family or a certain place

In fact, once you are a witch everyone else in your lineage is expected to be one, unless there is a merge of the bloods with other families that have some purity and talisman that is protective. I am sure majority of you have watched the Vampire Diaries and the Originals so that this is easy to follow through. What this would tell you is that maybe there is some truth in who we are. With this idea, I took my thoughts backwards on other things that the society only allows us to do.

As a kikuyu, my community believes in the power of Dowry. It is usually an unwritten rule, which English would call considerate courtesy. It works simply that unless your father gave dowry then there is no chance he will take her daughters dowry. Usually, it is NEVER NEGOTIABLE, if he and the wife try it they have to die, this is the case, and it happens. What does this idea of dowry tell us, that even if we change, however, much we try, it is like there is some power behind us, some power we cannot control?

Note this is not just limited to my community it goes on every where even with indians


Probably this would explain why the proverb, “Mwacha Mila Ni Mtumwa” is often explained in so many ways.

BTW for those who to are yet to take to your wives to see your parents and theirs, this is the sole reason why, It was not just courtesy, it’s like parents are wired somehow to tell you whether a certain guy or woman is likely to be good or bad fit.

Of course not all their prediction are guided by this “divine advice” obviously some parent may have his own idea of what is an ideal wife or husband and they can try rig with idea of “Spirits” knowing if you are an obedient son or daughter you will oblige. If you are clever find a way to talk to your ancestors or Not. Hey am Kidding, I have no advise on this one. Do what you feel is right.

I know I am veering of course, but all I am really trying to do is to trace the idea of spirits just so that I can show you probably we can trace their works and being in the society.

Back to the story, I would like to introduce you to the idea of the Djinn or Jinn. If you noticed all through, I have mentioned the Christian’s bible a lot. That is because I am one of them and since I would like to give the Islam their dose as well here it is.

Wikipedia defines Jinn as the supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. If you read through several articles such as this one (Amira El-Zein Islam, Arabs, and Intelligent World of the Jinn Syracuse University Press 2009 ISBN 9780815650706 page 34) you will notice Jinn were worshiped but they were not as gods, they were immortal.

As part of the Islam religion, (which I beg to be corrected) Prophet Mohamed was sent to both the Human and Jinn’s. The Live has covered this in details ( Another writer covered this extensively(

This story extends into Fork Lore and Fork tales that elaborates that Solomon could speak to Jinn’s and Humans. In my view, this would explain why he might have been irresistibly convincing to women the only creatures that are so difficult for men to outwit. It is still in my thoughts how he managed to do it.

Surprisingly, the power of the witches, jinn and all those supernatural beings within us never out does the power that God or the gods have. Still that does not elude the fact that these being have some powers, which means some people are likely to curse you and have it stick on you. Probably they can do this depending on the magnitude of their influence, the power vested on them or simply based on the merge with other families that do the same function.

The last theory relates to Science and like always, Science will try to suck out the fun of this story explaining all that happens in our brain, DNA or even giving us other ideas such as the power of attraction. However, I will attach this article from which says that your genes are likely to influence you.

Moreover, this is my conclusion. It is very possible that she is likely to be a witch or have some spirits working her case. It is very possible that just as it was long time ago to inherit powers the idea of inheriting spirits still exists to date. If you look through many societies, even those people who were in a family of rainmakers seemed to be run by the idea of inheritance. This idea is still a major driving force on many cultures around the world. Even the idea of monarchs inheriting the throne through the family is not so far-fetched.

If you ask around even on Google, it is likely you will hear people confessing to people who are cursed, others who fear the night, as they do not know what is likely to happen. Even the unsettling idea of the dead spirits doing things, for example making a car stop when the casket is being transported, the casket refusing to go in the grave and so many others that happen to specific communities. All this calls for the intervention of people in that community doing certain things.

Other cases documented that i would relate to this are the example of the Rastafarians who have always believed that they trace their history to Solomon owing to his wisdom, the majority Chinese with Confucius and the Romanians with their haunted forest.

If you ask around, it is likely you will hear people confessing to people who are cursed, others who fear the night, as they do not know what is likely to happen especially when these spirits approach them when the lights are turned off. Even the unsettling idea of the dead spirits doing weird things, for example making a car stop, the casket refusing to sink in the grave and so many others, which only happen to specific communities. These patterns of occurrence only reinforce the powers and obligations that spirits and have in certain people and communities. Scary as they sound, all of these are proofs on the existence of Ghosts.

Simply put the idea of Ghosts, spirits, Jinn and Witches exists whether you want to believe it or not. I stand by its existence. I also believe that it is possible that some people are witches and are within us not knowing at all they have such powers and could be doing damage. Some experts such as Benjamin Radford have committed much of their time on studying the idea of other spirits even making commentaries on reputable sites such as Live science which is a possibility this idea could actually be true. Even Forbes and BBC have committed much of their research showing just about how this is likely to exist in our society even though majority of people around us are still pensive either disagreeing or agree with this idea.

All of which I do not want to refute. This is why I am going to ignore the third theory and let you send your opinion on what I should tell the woman. If you are also in a coven of witches and would like to assist. Kindly send me a scary message and I will decide whether to get back to you too. Also, if you are the kind that sends blessings, send them my way.

From where I stand, I am wrestling with my thoughts on how i will explain that there is a big chance  she could have come from the family of Witches and it time for her to take up the mantle with the calabashes

Written and Researched by Dennis Ngugi

DM NgugiW (Dennis Mwangi Ngugi)is a content, an article and generally a creative, a fictional, non fictional and an academic and research writer. Talk to him if you have problems in any those areas. He is not an English native speaker, but he is creative enough to measure up to your writing needs. He is quite passionate about other Culture, Nature, Art, Folklores, Superstitions, Myths, Out of this world Creativity like Sci-fi, IT, Medical Related Issues. He is also passionate for Orderliness, Management, Fast cars, Realism and Fusion of History with Real World Issues, Injustice, and Mind Intriguing Ideas.

He is all about life in general and the experiences that all of us are likely to encounter.

He regards himself as a communicator, a marketer, a motivator, and a convincing speaker.

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    I think this lady in her previous life did some wrongs that nature is trying to correct in this life. It is the law of nature, and in some way somehow we have to balance this equation. In this or another life!

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    It is still possible that she could be a witch or have some energy flowing through her.

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    Its what i thought and i have already communicated

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    Personally I think it’s a generation spirit if it’s recurrent from parent to child and if not recognized and broken maybe the same Thing might occur to the children children but again that’s just me..

    Interesting read.

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    I am glad you guys liked it. and yes generational spirits is a new angle i uncovered right after i was done with the article

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    You lost me there on merging of powers and purifying. Really Dennis!

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    Relax. You are taking this too seriously. Look around you, it is noticeable and everywhere.

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    Look around you. It seems that this is something very live

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