Organization’s healthcare manager’s duties – Coordination, control

It is a healthcare manager’s responsibility to first determine the necessary activities to achieve the organization’s goals, followed by dividing the activities on a logical basis into departments that perform the specialized functions, and finally to implement the systems necessary to coordinate and control the activities and individuals who perform the tasks.

This is a challenge considering all the variables that must be considered and evaluated—the environment, technology, strategies, processes, and so on. For this paper, you will:

• Describe the five organizational parts of an organization and their significance to organizational design 

• Describe each element of the structural dimension, with examples, and how it relates to organization design 

• Discuss the relationships of the five organizational parts of an organization to simple, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisional, and adhocracy structural configurations 

Use only scholarly peer reviewed articles and if available the book organizational behavior theory and design by nancy borkowski.

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