Mobile Phones access – Impact politically and environmentally

Paper instructions: Background:Much of the world’s population is now equipped with Internet-ready camera phones. Sensors on these phones could measure for viruses or compute pollution indexes,while the cameras could be used to document a range of human behavior.

This could create changes in political movements, art, and culture as everyone’s experience is documented and shared.

Process:Research the areas cited below and devise a scenario in which mobile access could make an impact politically or environmentally, positively or negatively, and compose a 1 page paper about it.

Research Areas to Consider:• Evgeny Morozov RSA Animate• Smart Insights mobile marketing statistics• The Witness Project• Center for Embedded Networked Sensing

P.S. The professor is only asking for a one page paper and is generous when it comes to grading so you can keep your paper simple if you choose to.

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