Patient Centered care in healthcare field

• What is patient centered care?
• The goal of patient centered care and its dimensions
• Positive impact of patient centered care on patients and care givers
• The correlation between patient satisfaction and patient centered care
• The role of patients, care givers and health care providers such as pharmacists, physicians, nurses and others in patient centered care
• Patient centered care involved different groups of patients
• Such technology used to improve patient center care
• Perceptions of health care providers and patients toward patient centered care
• Challenges to team work in patient centered care

• The most important international institutions that support patient centered care such as ASHP, AHRQ, WHO, HIQA and others

• Different aspects of patient centered care such as: Medical Home Care, patients counselling, rehabilitation of patients and others which mentioned in references

• Contact all the above with patient centered care in Saudi Arabia (such as initiatives to implement patient centered care in Saudi Arabia through large efforts from Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, the quality of Patient centered care in Saudi Arabia, challenges and other points).

 such of initiatives of Saudi Ministry of Health to implement high quality of patient centered care as following (cover these areas and open the sites to explain about these initiatives and cited ) Saudi Patient Safety Center
 Speak up 937
 Saudi Vigilance
 National Drug and Poison Information center

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