Retirement Planning – Investment philosophy, goals

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about and to begin planning for retirement. Read Chapter 17 before you start your project.

You are expected to write a 3 to 4 page essay with an introduction, discussion, analysis and conclusions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a grade of 50% or less. Also, numbered responses to the guidelines are no considered an essay.

Feel free to use someone

else’s financial information or make up the data. The point of these assignments is to go through the process and complete the analysis.

Also, numbered responses to the guidelines are not considered an essay.

1.  Determine your retirement goals

a.   When do you plan to retire?

b.  Think about how long you and your spouse will live in retirement. c.   Where do you plan to live?

i.  Will you keep your home?

ii.  Will you downsize?

iii.  Will you move into a retirement community?

iv.  Will you or your spouse require long term care?

d.  Estimate your retirement needs.

2.  Create a debt retirement plan that will pay off all debt before you retire.

3.  Develop your savings and investment plan a.   Identify sources of retirement.

i.  Social Security ii.  Pension Plans iii.  IRA

iv.  other

b.  How will you need to save?

c.   Determine your investment philosophy?

4.  Estimate your sources retirement income and assets available at the time you retire. Also, determine how you plan to use your assets in retirement.

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